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Product management is an extremely complex and interdisciplinary process, usually performed for things of no obvious social utility. And that’s when you’re lucky. If you’re not, you might end up like Thomas Midgley Jr – and his leaded gasoline. Yikes.

To point out that risk, make fun of serious talking heads claiming PM is “an art” and because I’m in need of organizing my knowledge and improving writing skills I decided to start this blog. I just want to show the path I’m taking – which is complicated yet satisfying. I don’t claim it is “the path” nor that it is optimal. It’s more like a travel blog – but instead of slides and adventures I will be writing about mind numbing and painfully tedious processes.

Don’t expect also too much. Like Anything Else short is LAE – and LAE is almost like lame.

I think that what David Dobel said to Jerry in Anything Else, would be a perfect summary, mission statement and testament to my approach.

It’s funny. I was once in a cab… this was years ago.
And I was pouring my heart out to the driver about all the stuff you were prattling on about…
life, death, the empty universe,
the meaning of existence,
human suffering.
And the cab driver said to me:
‘You know, it’s like anything else.’

— David Dobel
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